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Core Health and Wealth International

Required expertise
Development of educational material, Income generation, Scaling, Internationalization, Model duplication, Ability to explain and train to people with a low educational background
Social impact focus
Agriculture, Rural development, Income generation, Microbusiness development
Part time over weeks
Project location
On-site, Virtual
Project language


CHW seeks to empower more than 1,000 individuals to start and run micro-enterprises as source of earning a living. With the high unemployment rate, many people have no source of livelihoods hence the increase in poverty levels. We plan to train interested youth, women and men on how to start and run successful businesses. In this regard we plan to identify 20 individuals that can be trained to roll out this training across Mbakalo ward in Bungoma county where we target to train 1,000 individuals to start micro enterprises in different areas. In this regard, I request an individual who can work with the 20 facilitators weekly for at least 6 weeks to develop their knowledge and concepts in business from start up to scaling. I request for business training manual to be developed also.

Project Objectives

  • To train 20 community leaders through TOT
  • Training Manual on Microbusiness development

ABOUT Core Health and Wealth International

Core Health and Wealth International pursues holistic development for rural and low-income urban communities in Western Kenya. The NGO's vision is to ensure 'prosperity in all for all' premised on 5 pillars: 1. [Sustainable] Environment 2. [Access to Quality] Education [for all] 3. Governance and Devolution to ensure 4. [Quality] health and 5. Wealth for all. Our goal is to facilitate collaboration that improve sustainable livelihoods for individuals by sustainable enterprise development and robust income generating initiatives that spur sustainable wealth and power of choice for all.

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