Cultural exchange club champion (CECC) on 'National holidays / festivals / rituals'

Bag to the Future team

Boehringer Ingelheim

Required expertise
Development of educational material, Empathy, Leadership skills, Open-minded, Communications skills
Field of project
Family care, Training & Capacity building, Poverty
Amount of time
10 hours per week for 1 week
Urgency of need
Project language


Often, we do not have "real" opportunities to interact with people from a completely different social/financial background. Our MMH communities in Kenya, people living at the poverty line, have rarely a chance to interact deeply with people from other parts of the world. What we not know, we cannot recognize as opportunities. As a champion of the Cultural Exchange Club (CEC) you will prepare /run a virtual workshop with 20 people living at the ground and exchange knowledge/awareness on a particular topic & learn from each other. The cultural club program comprises 5 topics/5 champions. Here we look for a champion on “national holidays/festivals /rituals”. In a kick off workshop we offer background info on the community work/introduce our local partners. Total time ca. 10 hours

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