Breaking Harmful Norms within Fisher communities

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Required expertise
Willigness to learn about different cultures and values, Empathy and open mindness to interact with people at the poverty line
Social impact focus
Advocacy & Awareness
Part time over months
Project location
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Harmful cultural norms are the main drive of many mental health for men, Men going around inheriting many widows without being mindful of family planning or HIV status, they therefore end up having many children that they cannot afford to take care of. This then pave way for more alcohol and hard drug abuse in the name of forgeting about their responsibilities. This project will then create a platform whereby men within fisher communities will be able to have a dialogue with a psychologist during lunch as they condemn such harmful cultural norms in a smart way without being victimised of anything.

Project Objectives

  • 1. set up workshops on harmful norms mindfulness such as wife inheritance that lure men into health risks.
  • 2. Invite a psychologist in for a lunch and learn on best and rewarding practices


At the age of 12, both of my parents died of HIV related conditions. My mother used to sell fish in order to take care of us and since we were poor and she couldn't raise capital for the business, she engaged into 'sex for fish' practices so as to secure the dwindling catch of fish. This is how she contracted HIV and both died. Interestingly, as my mother enrolled for medication, my father did not open up and he died in denial instead, he became a perennial drunkard and a violent man, only when he was drunk he could talk about his ill health condition. Today, we still have many like my dad.

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